Reading & Bookish Habits // A Look Back

One of my favorite posts I’ve written for Where’s My Bookmark? was Reading + Bookish Habits. It was one of my first posts I published on here and even though the writing could have been better, I’m still really happy with it.

That’s why I wanted to revisit it today. I wanted to take the time to look back on that post and take a look at my own reading and bookish habits again.

reading & bookish habits

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New to Me Authors I’ve Read This Year

Looking over my reading trends for the year so far, I’ve noticed that I have been reading some new authors and writers. I’m not only picking up writers I’ve been reading previously. There are some quite new, who have had books out for a while, and new authors who’ve debuted this year. Today, I want to share with you some new authors I’ve read this year and the books they’ve written.

new to me authors

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Auto-Read Authors

Are there some authors and writers out there who you automatically know you want to read their next work (or backlist title)? You loved one, two (or more) of their books and you can’t wait to read more from them because they’re that good, entertaining, and thrilling?

Me too! Below are some of my own auto-read authors. I’ve loved and enjoyed many of their works and look forward to their work.


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