I Want to Read A Book That’s Like…

Picture it, you just watched a really great movie, anime, tv show. Or you just played a really good game. Or maybe you just read a really good book. You just experienced some really great stories and you want more! You want to read a book that’s like this movie or that video game.

That’s the position I’ve been sitting in for awhile. I want to read a book that’s just like (or similar) to another form of media. I just can’t help wanting a little more stories or to be pulled into a similar world.

i want to read a book like 1


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Auto-Read Authors

Are there some authors and writers out there who you automatically know you want to read their next work (or backlist title)? You loved one, two (or more) of their books and you can’t wait to read more from them because they’re that good, entertaining, and thrilling?

Me too! Below are some of my own auto-read authors. I’ve loved and enjoyed many of their works and look forward to their work.


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