Sequels I Can’t Wait For!

I do such a bad job at expressing how much I love/enjoy and look forward to books on the blog, which is odd and really bad of me. Whoops. Today, I wanted to share with you all some sequels that I’m looking forward too.

sequels i can't wait for

The Bone Witch #2 – No title yet, but book one blew me away. Rin Chupeco has created a spell-binding world, with a morally gray main character. I can’t wait to read what happens in book two.

Labyrinth Lost #2 – The companion novel for book one, it’s slated for April 2018 I think…? Or maybe 2019. I can’t remember, but I can’t wait for it. Labyrinth Lost kind of ended on a cliff-hanger and I’m interested to read from the sister’s perspectives.

Sea of Ink and Gold #2 aka The Seeker – Book one was engrossing and reminded me how epic YA fantasy could be. The cover was recently released and it’s so beautiful!

Here they are, some sequels I can’t wait for! Are you waiting for any of these titles? What are some book sequels you’re looking forward to?


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