Pride & Prejudice [Manga] // A Fun & Humorous Adaptation

Title: Pride and Prejudice

Author: Jane Austen, Adapted by: Stacey King, Art Adaptation by: Po Tse

Pub: Aug 2014

Genre: Classics (Art & Manga Adaptation)

I love manga and I love Pride and Prejudice. So, it was only natural that I would want to pick up the manga adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and I’m so glad I did, because I absolutely loved it!

pride and prejudice edit

First, the actual adaptation. I think it is adapted pretty well. It has the gist of the story, but also includes the necessary character development and important scenes that really highlight the growing sentiments between Elizabeth and Darcy.

The art! It’s so pretty. The lines, backgrounds, character designs, and direction is really good. It captures the essence of Jane Austen’s novel, while keeping true to the artists art style.

What I particularly liked was the inner monologues that we got to see, instead of just read. Elizabeth is so dynamic in the manga adaptation and downright fun to read and follow. Don’t get me started on all their facial expressions! They’re to die for.

I highly recommend this for fans of Austen;s Pride and Prejudice and also for those who don’t want to read a classic novel that might have some clunky language. I know I had a hard time read P&P, but came out loving it.

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3 thoughts on “Pride & Prejudice [Manga] // A Fun & Humorous Adaptation

  1. Great review! I appreciate the parallels you draw to Austen’s writing style and the artistic style. I read the manga adaption of The Scarlet Letter recently, and that struck me. The artistic style of the elegant and a bit flowery manga was at odds with the story of Hester and her illegitimate child. I’m glad the connection was stronger here!


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