Room Love: 50 DIY Projects to Design Your Space // Great ideas for older teens & adults alike

Title: Room Love: 50 DIY Projects to Design Your Space

Author: Heather Wutschke

Pub: to be released – Sep 1, 2017

Genre: Non Fiction, Crafts & Hobbies

I received an eARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Room Love is filled with lots of fun DIY projects for teens and adults alike. Included with the crystal clear photographs for each project are a comprehensive list of materials needed and step by step guides to accomplish each project.

This book is a great addition to the library of a budding crafty person and hobbiest, however, I do believe it should be aimed at older teens and the like.

room love edit 1

I jumped at the chance to (hopefully) get a review copy. My niece is very crafty and likes to make and build her own stuff before even thinking about wanting to buy furniture/items/etc. So, while she is a year or two too young for the targeted age group for Room Love (which is 9 – 13), I thought maybe I could rehash some ideas for her.

The only one I could probably do with her is the Treasure Box one, which is pretty simple. Get a large shoe box (or any type of box really), decorate it how you want, and ta-da, a treasure box for all her birthday cards, rocks, or whatever she’d like. Also, the pretty charging station looks like a great gift idea to make for her mom or grandma (or whoever).

One thing I didn’t like (or really found fault with) was the inclusion of a dream catcher “craft”. Dream catchers are cultural items that aren’t necessarily easy (or even okay) to commercialize and “do-it-yourself”.

Overall, I liked Room Love. The layout is clean, simple, and yet offers enough colors and patterns to inspire the crafter within me. I also appreciate the “get parental approval first” labels on some projects (don’t want those budding crafters going off with the glue-gun quite yet). Room Love would be a great addition to any crafter’s (and inspiring crafter’s) library, even more so if the dream catcher craft was removed from the book.

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3 thoughts on “Room Love: 50 DIY Projects to Design Your Space // Great ideas for older teens & adults alike

    • The suggested age range for the book is 9-13. Some of the projects did seem a little too complicated for children around 9. And some even seemed inappropriate for the age range (not that it’s bad necessarily.). There are projects related to makeup, electronics/phones, etc. Some kids don’t even have that kind of stuff until middle school at least. I would definitely recommend it for kids 13+


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