Book Twitter Hashtags to Check Out

A fun perk of social media is being nosy *coughcough* I mean, seeing what other people are reading. Using hashtags as a springboard, you can discuss, make new friends, and get reading recs. Some of these hashtags can be used across other social media platforms.

book twitter hashtags to check out

Lots of these hashtags are great resources for book recommendations, seeing pretty book photography, and meeting fellow readers.

Definitely check out #askalibrarian every thursday at 12PM EST for book recommendations from librarians and libraries.

#amreading is a fun hashtag to peruse to see what other people are reading and also see some really nice book photography, especially on Instagram.

#diversebookbloggers is my go-to hashtag for book recommendations or new blogs to check out.

On a similar note, the #ownvoices hashtag is a good one to look through. There are bloggers and writers who are sharing and promoting books that reflect writer’s own marginalization. It’s just another great resource for book recs.

#booksfortrade this is great hashtag, but proceed with caution because you’ll potentially be exchanging money or other goods. Just be sure you trust the people you are exchanging with. Here, you can find ARCs, finished copies, and other books available for trade or purchase.

#BBTC is a book chat hosted by brittanysbookrambles on Twitter. They happen about once month. It’s a fun way to find new blogs, interact with other readers and authors, and there’s a chance to win books and swag.

Do you have any hashtags that you follow on Twitter, Instagram, etc? 


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