I Visited An Amazon Bookstore & Was Surprised

A few weeks ago, I ventured into the Amazon bookstore over at Westfield UTC in La Jolla, CA. If you haven’t heard, Amazon (the online retailer) is venturing into opening brick & mortar stores. They’ve opened a few bookstores and I think an electronics store…?

Anyway, I ventured into an Amazon store and was pleasantly surprised.

Amazon Bookstore

Looking back, I wish I had taken a picture of the store sign and the front, because it looked nice. My bad.

Walking in, one thing I immediately noticed was that all the books were facing out. They aren’t lined up along a shelf like they would be at any other bookstore. All the books are highly rated (on the retail site) and include blurbs and reviews below each title.

I found new releases and their top sellers on the shelves. I thought the reviews below each title is a nice touch and they don’t just say “oh my gosh this book is amazing”.


The store is divided up into categories and genres as well so it’s easy to find what kind of book you’re interested in.

Not surprisingly, there are tables set out for you to test out various Kindles.

My photos aren’t that helpful (sorry), but if you noticed, none of the books or items in the store show a listed price. Unless you grab the book and look at the publishers price, however that price is irrelevant at the Amazon bookstore because you end up paying the the Amazon price.


Another fun feature I saw, was a dedicated space for bestsellers in the San Diego region. It was interesting to see what books people in San Diego were buying.

All in all, the Amazon bookstore is another great source to find a good read. The bookstore is essentially gearing shoppers toward more Amazon services and products (similar to the Apple store, which is, funny enough, a few doors down from this store). You’ll be asked if you have an Amazon account, or Prime membership. If you have the Amazon app on your phone. You’re encouraged to check out the electronics and the ways you could further integrate them into your life.

So yes, it’s a nice store. It’s clean and bright, and the staff were friendly enough. Will it become my go-to place to shop for books? No. It’s another option, that’s all.


What did you think? Let Me Know Below

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