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Some people despise the idea of their favorite books or books they’re currently reading getting a cover change/redesign. We often get redesigns when books are rereleased as paperbacks. However, other times books or series get a cover change mid-series. Eek! Today, I want to share with you some cover changes that I think work. Two occurred mid-series, while the others are paperback reissues.

Cover Love- Cover changes that work

Here are some paperback reissue covers that are really great!

Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness

All the cover renditions and reissues for the Chaos Walking trilogy have been amazing! Here are two of my favorites.

the knife of never letting go [2]the ask & the answer [1]monsters of men [1]

the knife of never letting go [3]the ask & the answer [2]monsters of men [2]

Hate List by Jennifer Brown

A very compelling and heart wrenching novel, I believe the hardcover and first paperback edition’s covers don’t quite give the book the justice it deserves. I think the latest reissue is even more compelling than the previous covers.

hate list [1]hate list [2]hate list [3]

For the two series coming up, their cover changes occurred mid-series.

Sky Fall trilogy by Shannon Messenger

Here’s the series of covers for the first two books and the hardcover releases.

let the sky fall [1]let the storm break [1]

And here are the cover redesigns that occurred before the release of book three. I think they’re great and do the series more justice than the previous covers did.

let the sky fall [2]let the storm break [2]let the wind rise [1]

The Queen’s Thief Series by Megan Whalen Turner

The covers have changed a few times for the series and they’re all so nice! However, the latest, I would have to say, is the best.

the thief [1]the thief [2]the thief [3]

the queen of atolliathe king of attoliaa conspiracy of kingsthick as thieves

Some cover changes and reissues are great and others are questionable. Some change mid-series and either work or don’t. What about you? Are there some cover changes that you’ve liked or disliked? What about paperback covers? Do you like them as much as their hardcover counterpart?


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