Book Review: Beauty & the Beast Manga // Fun, Movie Adapt in Shojo Manga-Form

Title: Beauty and the Beast vol. 1 & 2 – Belle’s Tale, Beast’s Tale

Author: Mallory Reaves

Pub: March 2017

Genre: Fiction, Manga

I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review

Disney Beauty and the Beast volume 1 and 2 are shojo manga adaptations of Disney’s live action “Beauty and the Beast”. A direct representation of the film in manga-form, the 2-book volume lacks the musical numbers evident in the films and exchanges them for thoughtful inner monologues, however, offers little to nothing new about Belle or the Beast.

beauty and the beast manga edit

Although, there is nothing extraordinary or different to be found in the manga, both volume 1 and 2 are fun to read and a good addition to any fan of the Beauty and the Beast story.

I liked the art style and the extra info at the end (character designs and layouts).

But honestly, the manga doesn’t offer anything new. It’s exactly like the live-action Disney film, minus the musical numbers. There isn’t much emphasis on Lumiere and the others.

Volume 1 is supposed to be from Belle’s perspective, which aligns similarly to the film. Volume 2 is from the Beast’s perspective, and I just wish there was more characterization for the Beast, but again, it’s just like the film.

All in all, it’s a fun read and a great addition for a fan’s personal library.


Goodreads: Volume 1 // Volume 2

Barnes & Noble: Volume 1 // Volume 2

Amazon: Volume 1 // Volume 2


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