Swayed By Author Blurbs -Author Recs You Trust & Go To

Reviews and recommendations from bloggers and friends help us readers decide what books to read and in some cases how soon we read them. Recently, I discovered that I place some attention on author blurbs on potential reads too.

I read the synopsis of the book, I check out the cover, and then I look to see if I recognize the names of the authors who’ve blurbed (that’s a word, I swear) the book. I also noticed that some author’s recommendations weigh more compared to others.

swayed by author blurbs

If a book has a blurb from these set of authors I’m more likely to read it:

  • Meg Medina
  • Cindy Pon
  • Leigh Bardugo

In January, I was holding off on reading a book because I was worried that one) I wasn’t going to like it and two) it might make me sad. But, I saw there was a blurb from Meg Medina on the back and I decided to go ahead and try and read said book. I liked it and it did make me sad, but I’m glad I gave it a try.

author blurb edit 2

However, if a book has a blurb from one of these authors, I tend to feel a little more hesitant or sometimes turned off entirely:

  • John Green
  • Sarah J. Mass

Not saying I won’t ever read a book that was blurbed by one of these authors. It usually lies in the type of book they write and the type of book they’re recommending. For instance, I never really liked any of John Green’s books, so if there is a John Green blurb on a contemporary YA I hold back a little because they might be similar in style or subject matter. So, I stop myself from reading it before I end up disliking it.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to whether I liked an author’s books or believe their writing style and stories are good and thus, pay attention to their blurbs on other books. I like Meg Medina’s contemporary novels more than John Green’s. Cindy Pon has written some of my favorite YA fantasy so I lean more toward her recs.

What about you? Do you pay attention to author blurbs? Could you care less? What are some authors whose recommendations you pay attention too?


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