Month in Review // March 2017

Goodbye, March! You’ve been great (for the most part). I read a lot of great books and I still have some great titles up for me to read. I’m feeling a little sluggish to read though. I’m sure it’ll pass soon.

March was niece #1’s birthday month, so we actually did some fun things.

Month in Review - March 2017

Books Read: 7

  • When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi
  • Teen Titans: Year One
  • My Love Story! vol. 1
  • Pride & Prejudice Manga Classic
  • My Love Story! vol. 2
  • My Love Story! vol. 3
  • The Inexplicable Logic of My Life

I had time to browse at the library and I actually had a chance to check some books out. I found some manga and graphic novels. My favorite read of the month would have to be Pride & Prejudice in manga form. It’s so cute!



Blog Posts:

March was my self imposed “March Manga Madness”! I hope you all enjoyed it and found some series to check out.

About Samantha:

Early this month I went to the Japanese Friendship Garden at Balboa Park for their Cherry Blossom Festival. The weather was perfect and the trees were so pretty. It was great to see the second portion of the garden all completed too. The first time I visited, it was still under construction.

When I walked through the vendor stalls, I found some handmade bookmarks made by people from the senior center. I snatched them up. They’re so cute!




March is niece #1’s birthday month so we went around the city doing fun stuff. She wanted to go ice skating. We visited Westfield UTC in La Jolla. We had the rink all to ourselves. Then we walked around the mall. UTC also has an Amazon Bookstore and we decided to check it out. It’s been open for about a year. I think I’ll make a separate post about my thoughts (let me know if you’re interested).


We also went to the Birch Aquarium where I saw a real life sea turtle.

Beauty and the Beast is out! I saw it opening weekend and I actually really liked it. I thought I was going to dislike it, but I thought it turned out well. The story is fleshed out a lot more, which is nice.

Health wise, I’m doing fine. Spring is in full swing here in SoCal, so my allergies have returned, but I’m making do.

I’m keeping up with my Japanese study. I’m trying my best to go over grammar that I’ve supposedly learned in the past. Building vocab. Listening. Etc., etc. I’ve been listening to a lot of SPYAIR, so that’s nice *swoon*.

That was my month. How did March treat you? What are you looking forward to the most in the coming months?


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