Manga – An Additional Story Format // March Manga Madness

A year ago, I posted How Manga Got Me (Back) Into Reading, where I shared how manga usually helps me get out of reading “slumps”. It’s true fore the most part, that reading manga helps me get back into the mood of reading. Whether it’s because of the art, layouts, or the pacing – manga is a form of story telling that I love and appreciate.

Here are some reasons why I think you’ll like it too.

manga edit 1

I wholeheartedly believe books are for everyone. Across genre types and reading modes, whether it’s business books or picture books – everyone and anyone can find that one book that works for them.

I think the same thing applies to manga. It’s all about venturing in and finding the one that fits for you.

Manga isn’t a genre, but a form of storytelling, along the lines of comic books and graphic novels. There are characters, story lines, plot-twists, etc. Anything you find in a typical novel, you’ll most likely find in a story published as a manga.

Venturing into manga will off you an additional avenue to consume stories. Manga has many different genres, ranging from science fiction and fantasy, to contemporary and it’s slice of life counterparts. There are a wide range of targeted age groups. For instance, you have manga geared toward children, but you also have manga geared toward teens, young adults, and adults.

During Manga March Madness, I wanted to offer a variety of manga titles for your perusal. I wanted to highlight some stories I’ve been wanting to jump into and also share the ones I sincerely love. Like Fruits Basket, which still makes me giddy inside and makes me want to cry. It’s been more than ten years since I’ve picked it up and I’m still raving about it.

Manga can be fun and some are totally spontaneous and silly, but they also offer amazing characters and their stories of resilience, courage, and tenacity. I’m glad I picked up my first manga volume when I was child. I hope my words will inspire you to do the same.

Happy reading, friends!

manga edit 2


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