The Bone Witch // Dark, Lyrical High Fantasy

Title: The Bone Witch (The Bone Witch #1)

Author: Rin Chupeco // Twitter // Website

Pub: March 2017

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal

Disclaimer: I received an eARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. For more info please visit the Disclaimer page

The Bone Witch follows Tea, a young girl who discovers she can raise the dead after accidentally raising her brother from his grave. Her powers mean she’s a bone witch, an Asha capable of necromancy, and is soon whisked away by a trained bone witch to receive guidance and training.

In her new home, surrounded by Asha and Asha-in-training, Tea learns that to be an Asha, one must stick to traditions and social norms. But as dark forces pull in every which way, Tea is determined to carve her own path.

I had a slow and bumpy start with The Bone Witch, but I’m glad I stuck it out.


The Bone Witch has a slow exposition and steady world-building, which is necessary (and much appreciated) because we’re introduced to a whole new world with it’s own histories, customs, and cast of characters.

Tea herself is headstrong and snappy, like a little sister I’d want to pinch when she says a little too much.

What I loved was the diversity of the world itself. In Tea’s new home, where Asha train and live, there are women from all over the world living together, making it possible for Tea (and the reader) to learn and interact with people from different backgrounds and different countries.

Not necessarily a direct mirror of the real world, but Chupeco makes it seem totally possible to include diversity in high fantasy.

The world of the Asha is spell-binding and beautiful. Reminiscent of the traditional ways of Geisha, Tea and fellow Asha use fashion and skills to entertain, but also get their jobs done, in the case for Tea, that’s keeping dark beings away.

I loved the duality when it comes to the livelihoods of Asha – women literally dressed to kill.

A story, within a story – the presentation of the narrative is unique and leaves the reader wondering why Tea is the way she is. Although, I did feel as if there needed to be a stronger conflict within the narrative itself.

The Bone Witch is a high fantasy with dark imagery and lyrical descriptions. Chupeco has created a bewitching world filled with history, it’s own idiosyncrasies, and secrets. And what a cliff-hanger!

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