Year of No Clutter // A Sometimes Funny, Positive Outlook On Clutter

Title: Year of No Clutter

Author: Eve O. Schaub

Pub: March 7, 2017

Genre: Non Fiction, Memoir

Disclaimer: I received an eARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. For more info please visit the Disclaimer page

“Eve has a problem with clutter.” Like, a super duper problem. She has so much clutter it has taken over an entire room in her house. In her latest memoir, Eve O. Schaub is determined to relay her plan to relieve her family, and herself, from the clutches of the Hell Room.

Year of No Clutter tells the story of one woman’s battle with stuff, physically and mentally, and the affect it has on our identities.


Schaub’s memoir is not easily relatable, but I don’t think that was necessarily the point. Schaub poses and examines various questions about the clutter in our lives, whether it’s in our homes or in our minds.

Although some of her actions are rather questionable, Schaub exposes some hard truths about clutter, hoarding, and our relationship with stuff. In that our stuff may bring us happiness and could be a part of us, but our stuff isn’t what makes us who we are. Our stuff (physical and mental) doesn’t have to take over our lives.

Year of No Clutter isn’t necessarily a book that gives you a clean-cut and thorough explanation of how to remove the clutter from your home. It’s more along the lines of a journey on how (this person in particular) was able to move from being unable to part with anything, to being able to part with her belongings and continue to do so.

While it is funny at times, I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone because you might find yourself scoffing at Eve and her predicament. I’d recommend it for readers who would like to facilitate a better understanding of hoarders and other ‘clutter-prone people’.

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