When The Stars Go Blue // “Carmen” Retelling

Title: When the Stars Go Blue

Author: Barbara Caridad Ferrer

Pub: Nov 2010

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Soledad Reyes dreams of becoming a professional dancer and she has a plan to make it all happen. After graduating from an arts high school, she’s planning on teaching at a dance studio, save some money, and then strike out and start auditioning for dance companies. But along comes Jonathan Crandall who offers her a whole different gig, performing with the Drums & Bugle Crop, who are performing Carmen. Intrigued by the prospect and even more so by Jonathan, Soledad agrees.

But feelings and emotions are running on high as Soledad’s own life is having an uncanny resemblance to the story she performs, as an unexpected competitor for her affections enters the picture.

This book was a little odd, to be honest. It wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t that great either.



It’s sorta/kinda a retelling of Carmen (Bizet’s Opera). Knowing that, I had a fairly good idea of what was going to happen within the story.

Surprisingly, my issue with the book isn’t the retelling aspects or the relationships. It’s with the delivery of the story. There were points in the narrative that were unclear and confusing.

Overall, the story is actually pretty boring. There’s nothing too memorable about Soledad or Jonathan. Their voices don’t come across and there’s little to no characterization for them or the other characters. Perhaps it’s Soledad’s own character that’s rather passive, but from a reading standpoint, I’m not sure if that’s a fault of the character or the writing.

This story does have a happy ending (as in nobody dies), contrary to Carmen. But, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this book.

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