Ruin & Rising // Mind Blowing Conclusion

Title: Ruin and Rising (The Grisha #3)

Author: Leigh Bardugo // Twitter // Website

Pub: June 2014

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

“The capital has fallen”. In a devastating blow, Alina and her companions hide from the powerful Darkling as he rules from his throne in the fallen Ravkan capital. Alina, Mal, and friends hurry to gain a foothold, forge or reforge alliances, and search for the remaining mystical items Morozova’s amplifier. Digging deeper and unraveling the Darkling’s secrets can bring Alina closer to finally defeating him or falling into his clutches once and for all.

This is one heck of a finale! Leigh Bardugo really knows how to bring her readers to the edge of their seat.


I’m really glad I waited awhile to read these books. It would have been to stressful to wait for each book release, because dang was this one a nail-biter.

Book two and three really picked up the pace and heightened the conflict and tension. Continuing from book two, it was interesting to see Alina progress through the events of the story and see how she reacted and acted upon them. She’s not this all-powerful, strong, and capable protagonist/hero. She worries, second-guesses herself, and is insecure about a lot of things and it really shows throughout the story.

I’m still iffy on the characterization and voice of some of the characters. Some of them are too similar that they’re difficult to discern. But, in the end, it didn’t make it difficult to read in the long run.

I didn’t particularly ship Alina with anyone, but this book had a satisfying ending and tied up the narrative nicely.

Considering how much hype this series has received, especially toward the Darkling’s character, I thought he was going to receive more ‘screentime’, but that didn’t really happen. He was a very interesting character and I would have liked to see more interactions between him and other characters. But, perhaps that’s what makes up his ambiguity.

All in all, I really enjoyed this series and I’m so glad I’ve finally given it a read.

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