Siege & Storm // New Characters & High Stakes

Title: Siege and Storm

Author: Leigh Bardugo // Twitter // Website

Pub: June 2013

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Alina is on the run and in hiding from the Darkling, who emerges from the Fold with a new power. Alina partners up with a notorious privateer and vows to fight and defeat the Darkling. As her own powers grow, Alina finds herself delving deeper in the Darkling’s forbidden magic, but farther away from Mal. Forces and feelings from all around lead her to question her own resolve and strength for her final stand against the Darkling.

Leigh Bardugo’s sophomore novel is action-packed, entertaining, and enthralling.


Thankfully, Siege and Storm builds upon Shadow and Bone, not necessarily overshadowing it, but adding to this amazing fantasy world Bardugo has introduced, with remarkable characters, situations, and higher stakes.

In book two, we really get to see Alina coming into her own person – training, getting better at using her powers. What I particularly liked about book two (and in book three) was how troubled Alina was. She continuously battled over who and what to trust and it was really shown well throughout the story.

The pacing was great and the conflict and stakes were fleshed out a lot more, and a lot better.

I liked the characters we were introduced too in book two. We got to see some new faces (and old ones). Similar to book one (and continuing in book three), the voices of some characters seemed to meld into one another, with no clear distinction.

All in all, Siege and Storm left me in a much better spot reading wise compared to book one. I was on the edge of my seat and ready for more. I immediately dived into book three.

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