Books I Want To Read In 2017

A new year! Which means new books to read. Today, I’m going to share some books that I want to read before the year ends.


A few of these books are new-releases for 2017, while the others (most of them) were published in pre-2017.

29387853Want by Cindy Pon // Goodreads [Pub: June 2017]

Look at that cover! It’s so slick! Cindy Pon’s first sci-fi (if I remember correctly), follows Jason Zhou as he prepares to take on Taiwan’s elite in a futuristic society in which the rich and poor are separated by their abilities to fight against the pollution corrupting their city.



6342491The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima // Goodreads

I tried to get to this one last November, but I didn’t have much time (and I was going through a lot of stuff). I also couldn’t figure out if I wanted to start off with Chima’s first series, but decided to bypass it all together and go with this one. High fantasy all the way!



grave-mercyGrave Mercy by Robin LaFevers // Goodreads

Apparently I have this book on my Nook and I hadn’t realized! Oops. I’ve been eyeing it for awhile and this year seems as good as any to finally give it a go.

17 year old Ismae escapes an arranged marriage, but finds herself in a secret underground world where she must decide whether she wants to become an assassin for death itself.


15839984Cruel Beauty by Rosamund  Hodge // Goodreads

I’m on a Beauty & the Beast kick, with the new Disney movie coming out and all. I want to see how other writers have tried to retell the story.

This book seems to be a hit or miss for some people. I’m hoping it’ll be a hit for me, but who knows.



20734002The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore // Goodreads

Romeo & Juliet-esque story in which neither party should fall in love with each other or fear their family’s wrath!

I’m coming into this story wanting to see how that could possibly work out. The only history I have with it is Romeo & Juliet and look how they ended up *cries*

I’m hesitant going into this one though because it seems McLemore is a competent writer of magical realism – and magical realism and I don’t seem to get along.

12842828Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger // Goodreads

I enjoyed Messenger’s YA series Sky Fall and decided I wanted to give her Children’s/Middle Grade series a try too.

12 year old Sophie has powers she’s never been able to explain and soon is off to learn more about herself and the world she’s supposed to belong it.

Seems similar to Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, so perhaps I’ll enjoy this one too.


26192915Outrun the Moon by Stacey Lee // Goodreads

I loved Under A Painted Sky, so it makes total sense that I want to read Lee’s second book Outrun the Moon. Set in San Francisco, 1906, and concentrated around the Great Earthquake of 1906, I’m looking forward to reading some humanizing accounts of the surrounding events.



Warcross by Marie Lu // Goodreads [Pub: Fall 2017]

(No cover available)

Bounty hunters, hackers, and billionaires. An interactive digital world. There’s still so much we don’t know about this new series by Marie Lu, but I’m excited all the same. Especially after browsing (more like stalking) her Pinterest board for this book world. It’s downright amazing! I can’t wait to see a cover and complete synopsis.


22521951Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed // Goodreads

Look at that cover! I totally want to read this one because it’s a contemporary romance, which is a genre I hardly read. It’s also an #ownvoices book (if I’m wrong, please correct me).

But I’m also scared it’s going to make me sad because of the title and we know if there’s “stars” in the title it means heartache (a la Romeo & Juliet, can’t fight fate if it’s written in the stars/destiny!)


Have you read any of these titles? What are some books you want to read this year?


2 thoughts on “Books I Want To Read In 2017

  1. What a great selection of books! I hadn’t heard of Want (by CindyPon) and that cover! It’s so futuristic! Aside from the cover being pretty, Want sounds pretty interesting! The Demon King (by Cinda Williams Chima) is on my TBR as well (I like the cover too)! I actually borrowed it from the library at one point but never got around to actually reading it :(. Warcross (by Marie Lu) sounds pretty interesting as well. I feel like I’ve read Written in the Stars (by Aisha Seed) before??? I know I haven’t though, and it’s tripping me out x_x;;. Outrun the Moon (by Stacey Lee) has such a pretty cover as well!!! — I’ve read Grave Mercy (by Robin LaFevers), and Cruel Beauty (by Rosamund Hodge) before, and I really enjoyed both books!

    I’m looking forward to what you have to say about all of these books! Especially Grave Mercy, and Cruel Beauty!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love the cover for WANT! It looks so cool.
      I checked out Cruel Beauty, The Demon King, and Outrun the Moon from the library last week. I think I might be on track to reading a lot of these books soon! How cool :3
      I’ll try to get them read soon 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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