Like A River Glorious // No 2nd Book Syndrome, But Where Is The Story Going Now?

Title: Like a River Glorious (Gold Seer Trilogy, #2)

Author: Rae Carson // Twitter // Website

Pub: September 2016

Genre: Historical Fiction, Fantasy

Lee Westfall and her companions have arrived in California. Their settlement is established and beginning to grow, Jefferson is much more forward about his feelings for her, and Uncle Hiram is still on her trail.

With her friend’s lives at stake, Lee makes a drastic decision, but is kidnapped by Hiram and his compatriots. But there’s something her uncle and her friends don’t know, her power is changing and can very well be the thing that can bring her uncle down.


I enjoyed Walk on Earth a Stranger and so I was looking forward to book two. We’re gifted with another beautiful cover.

Their adventure on the Oregon Trail is definitely over, now comes the just as hard (and deadly) work of mining for gold.

In book two, much of the conflict lies in trying to escape from her uncle’s clutches, while not doing anything too perilous that would lead to the deaths of her friends who were captured with her. At Hiram’s Gulch, Uncle Hiram’s mining operation, Lee discovers the deadly work environment miners, many who are Native American and Chinese, are subject to and let’s not forget the ill-treatment they’re subject too by their ’employers’.

This is where I felt a little iffy about. It’s borderline white-savior trope, where Lee tries to save the miners, but in the end it’s not up to her on how and if they’re saved because the miners have had their plans in motion before she arrived and will carry them out with or without her help, which I appreciated.

In book two, there’s a lot of discussion on ‘space’ and ‘ownership’. Jefferson wants to marry Lee, but Lee is adamant against it because of society’s norms to relinquish all women’s rights upon marriage. Uncle Hiram wants to own Lee, in mind and body. Then, there’s the fact that they’re living and mining on land that they do not own.

Now, to the part where I’m left wondering, “where do we go from here?”. This series is supposed to be a trilogy, but book two left readers with such a completed ending, it left me confused, what could possibly be left in store for Lee and her friends?

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