Happy New Year From Where’s My Bookmark?


Happy New Year, readers, bloggers, and writers alike! I hope you had a care-free and stress-free weekend to ring in the new year. I’m still suffering from a cold. I hope it goes away soon. I’m loving all the quality bed+me time, but it get’s boring just laying in bed all day.

I’m looking forward to another year of blogging and reading. There will be a slight change to the posting schedule. Instead of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, you’ll now see posts going up on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, with the occasional Tuesday thrown in for Top Ten Tuesday prompts. I’ll try my best to keep the posts coming.

So, I spent the weekend rewatching Haikyu!! and reading. How did you spend your last/first weekend of the year?



5 thoughts on “Happy New Year From Where’s My Bookmark?

  1. Happy New Year! I am so impressed when people can publish posts so frequently. I can barely get my two posts a week done, let alone on a schedule! Keep up the great work.

    I started my new year reading Gilded Cage and Akata Witch– very different but great books. I can’t wait to finish them!


    • Happy New Year to you too!
      Thanks! It’s hard! It’s a miracle for me when I can think up post ideas other than reviews *cries*
      Those are totally different books and genre right? I’ve heard about both of them, looking forward to see what you thought of them!

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      • Exactly! I have a list I’m keeping of ideas, but I just blankly stare at the list even when I do want to try something different. Oops.
        They are– one is adult sci-fi and the other YA fantasy. It was nice to switch between the two and get a mental break from both genres. I look forward to posting both reviews, too. 🙂


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