Champion // Thrilling (& Heart-wrenching) Finale

Title: Champion (Legend #3)

Author: Marie Lu // Twitter // Website

Pub: November 2013

Genre: Science Fiction – Dystopia, Romance

June and Day are back in their own separate worlds. June is in back in the Republic and one of the Princeps-Elect. Day is skulking around in California, trying to get better and live out his better days with his little brother.

However, potential peace is shattered as a plague-outbreak threatens the fragile peace talks between the Republic and the Colonies. One solution is possible, but June is unsure which card to play and Day’s own resolve is not ready to be tested again.


Champion is way better than Prodigy (book two). I don’t know what happened, but Prodigy lacked something.

Champion is fast-paced, with something at stake, and there are clear villains and antagonist forces. Whereas in Prodigy, it lacked drive and conflict (the who are we fighting and the why).

Day’s POV was less annoying this time around. June’s voice was not as striking as before (the inquisitive and knowledgeable), but it also reflected her character at that point – how unsure she was and how uncomfortable she was in the situation(s) she was placed in. She was also a lot more dependable and interesting to read because a lot of the world-building and general descriptions happened in her POV.

The ending (and the epilogue) totally surprised me, but it was satisfying all the same.

So, although I hit a major road-block and lull with book two, I liked this series well enough.

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