On Returning To The World One Step (& One Book) At A Time

I was overwhelmed with dread and fear. I’m not mourning for something that could have been. I’m just disappointed.

The 2016 Presidential Election was exhausting. Right now, I’m trying to live my life how I usually do. Wake up, take care of the niece, question my continued lack of appetite, work on my book, stare at a computer screen, and telling myself to read.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to post anything related to the election. That’s not what this blog is about. It’s a bookish space!

However, considering how the incoming administration’s positions and policies, the state of the government could directly affect me. I live in a border state. I have my whole life. Whether the coming administration is true to their rhetoric, my life and the lives of people close to me will be directly affected. It isn’t something I can keep at arms length and turn my back on. There are many issues, some personal, that are, for lack of better words, at risk. Immigration. Environmental Issues. Women’s Rights. Disability Rights & Health Care. LGBTQIA. Education. Feeling safe in my own neighborhood to name a few.

I won’t be coming to this blog talking about politics. Not now and not ever. So, I’ll leave this here.

Instead of talking about the right and the wrong, the fear and the dread. I’ll tell you about how I’m going to try and face each new day with a new fire in my belly and the determination to not turn my back on the issues I care about.

I’m going to stand up for myself, when I can. I won’t let others push me aside. 

I’m going to continue reading and reviewing the books I want to read. 

I’m going to continue blogging and making my voice heard. 

If I come across a book that has an inaccurate portrayal or promotes stereotypes – I’ll let you know!

I’m going to become more confident as a writer and share my work. 

I’m going to help myself and my family face this new reality, with their heads held high and conviction in their hearts. 

I still feel like I’m in some sort of daze, but I’m also oddly at peace, because I know we won’t take this lying down. In the coming weeks, months, and years, our voices will not be drowned out. They’ll hear us, they’ll know what we’re fighting for, and they’ll know our names.



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