The Rose & The Dagger // Beautiful, Mesmerizing Duology

Title: The Rose & The Dagger (The Wrath & The Dawn #2)

Author: Renee Ahdieh

Pub: April 2016

Genre: Fantasy

The Rose & The Dagger is a stunning sequel with a satisfying ending. Renee Ahdieh effectively ties up all the loose ends and will leave readers clenching their hearts and reeling in some instances.

Shahrzad is trapped in a “wasp nest” and is worried on who to trust, all the while determined to try and break the curse that is making Khalid slip away from her.


Ahdieh’s imagery and prose is once again very compelling and beautiful. It’s mesmerizing and both books in this duology are intriguing and beautiful. I particularly like the way Shahrzad and Khalid is characterized. Ahdieh is great at introducing characters in a seamless way and allowing their actions to really bring out their personalities.

No info dumps!

However, misunderstandings hold the spotlight. I was left asking, “why can’t they just talk about it and clear the air?” and I hate that! And when it does happen, bam, it’s all over and done with.

Book two is more character-driven then plot and conflict driven.

The Rose & The Dagger is has tension, but it’s conflict is weak. It lacks the drive (i.e. to kill Khalid) from book one. What are the stakes in book two? It isn’t so clear as it is in book one. I just expected the stakes to be higher, more conflict, and more turmoil.

Ultimately, I did enjoy The Rose & The Dagger and Ahdieh’s duology. She brought to life a beautiful world and it’s great to read and Islamic inspired fantasy.

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