Goodreads Shelf Organization (& Reorganization)

Goodreads, my dear old friend. My profile page kindly reminds me how long I’ve been on that site – five years, going on six. It’s not too bad. I’ve been on other sites longer (*coughTumblrcough*). But recently, I’ve been looking into my shelf organization and how I can better utilize it. And thus I began my Goodreads shelf reorganization.


For the longest time I wondered why people had so many shelves. What could possibly be the purpose? As I thought about it, maybe it isn’t such a crazy notion. First off, here’s a quick look at my profile as of today:


The screenshot above only shows a few of the shelves I have. I’ve added a few shelves recently to better represent the books I’ve read. For instance, instead of housing all the manga I read in the “manga, graphic novels” shelf, I added two new shelves: manga-shoujo and manga-shounen. Eventually, I think I’ll add even more genres to the manga section, like fantasy and action-adventure.

Two big changes was adding more shelves to the YA, Middle Grade, and children’s categories. For YA, I had it limited to YA, Contemporary, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi. But to better screenshot-2016-10-27-11-36-45utilize the Goodreads recommendation algorithms and better my own book recommending skills, I needed more shelves to help categorize the books I’m reading. So, I added – dystopia, historical fiction, LGBT, paranormal, and romance.

For the Middle Grade and Children’s category I added – fantasy, historical fiction, and science fiction.

After my first round of adding shelves, I’m still left thinking about what kind of shelves I should add and maybe even which shelves I should delete. For instance, I’m thinking of adding a YA shelf for books that have little or no romantic plot lines. I’m also thinking of deleting the classics and read-for-class shelf (since I’m not a student anymore *cries*).

It’s a work in process, but looking through my Goodreads shelves has given me a chance to look over my reading trends. Which books have I enjoyed, which books I didn’t, and which books I tend to stay away from.

Do you use Goodreads? How do you organize your shelves?



One thought on “Goodreads Shelf Organization (& Reorganization)

  1. I usually organize by genre, and then I have the age grouping as a separate shelf, but I’m really tempted to start organizing it like this, too. It strikes me as incredibly useful–though I’ll admit I don’t really use the Goodreads recommendation system.


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