Characters I Totally Want To Be Friends With

We’ve all been there. We’ve come across a character in a book (and maybe even a movie, tv show, etc) and found ourselves wishing we could be friends with them. I know I would ask Mindy Lahiri to come over for a movie marathon so we can eat popcorn and gossip about boys and fangirl about movie actors.

The same thing happens when I read books or manga. I come across a character and instantly wish I could get to know them and maybe, just maybe hangout with them (and become their best friend!).

So, who exactly would I want to be friends with (not someone who could kill me instantly!)?


Elizabeth Bennet // Pride and Prejudice

I’m sure Elizabeth and I would hang out and talk about the latest books we’ve read and gossip about men and they’re silly and annoying habits. She just seems like the kind of friend everyone would want to have. Someone dependable and someone you know won’t talk about you behind your back, because sure Elizabeth could be judgmental, but she won’t stab you in the back, so win-win.

Haruhi Fujioka // Ouran High School Host Club

From one view point, we’d probably have a lazy friendship. She’ll be too busy studying and I’d be too busy being lazy (but if I was in high school, I’d be busy with homework and crying so there’s that). But I think we’d get along pretty well and she’s the dependable type (again, I seem to like those types of people). Let’s not forget, her straightforwardness is impressive and humorous.


Dante // Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

I just want to give this boy a hug! My favorite thing about this book isn’t even a thing, it’s Dante. His insecurities and his confusion. I could relate to them so well. It was the first time in a long time (or maybe even ever), where I wanted to reach out to him and just tell him, “you’re not alone. I feel just as lost as you are.” He felt so torn between his two cultures and experiences. I wish I could sit down with him and just chat. I’m sure we’d be the type of friends who would send long emails (or letters) every now and then to catch up.

Hajime Iwaizumi // Haikyu!!

If you probably couldn’t already tell I’m practically in love with Iwaizumi (which I’d understand if you didn’t, I don’t make it very obvious. But now you know). So, while I’m secretly fawning over him, I’d be a good friend. He’ll push me to be healthy and work out and I’ll invite myself to his volleyball practices and just be satisfied with being his friend (look how low I’ve gotten).

Note: I kept my Haikyu!! references short because I literally want to be friends with all the characters. If I included them, this post would turn into why I love this manga and anime so much.

It’s not a super long list, but these are the characters I recently wished were my friends. Have you found yourself wanting to be friends with characters from the books you read? Who was it and why?



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