The Wrath & The Dawn // A Love Story Set In Islamic-Inspired Fantasy

Title: The Wrath & The Dawn (The Wrath & The Dawn #1)

Author: Renee Ahdieh

Pub: May 2015

Genre: Fantasy

Going into this book, I knew nothing about the A Thousand and One Nights and was reading it because the final book was out and I didn’t have to make myself wait for anything.

The Wrath & The Dawn follows Shahrzad, a sixteen year old girl who volunteers to be the Caliph’s new wife for the sole purpose of enacting her revenge on him for killing her dear best friend.

To stave off her execution, she charms Khalid, the Caliph, with stories. All with the purpose of finding a weakness, she finds herself falling in love with the mysterious and powerful boy-king.

I enjoyed The Wrath & The Dawn very much. It’s wonderfully written and captivating. The prose is pretty, but not so much that it’s hard to read or feels like your juggling marbles in your mouth.

What I liked the most was the characters and how fleshed-out they were. Shahrzad immediately caught my attention, as did Khalid.

I was surprised by how Shahrzad began falling in love with the very person who caused her best friend and countless other girls’ deaths. How is that possible? So, it was interesting to see how Shahrzad handled that.

However, the revenge scheme is short lived and in it’s place is a sprawling love story of two individuals who are strong on their own and just as strong together. I feel kind of jipped from reading about revenge, but at the same time I appreciate the love story that was introduced to me.

Going back to A Thousand and One Nights, apparently The Wrath & The Dawn is inspired by the story and not necessarily a retelling, which I found to be very true after researching A Thousand and One Nights. So, you might see it being sold off as a retelling – it’s not.

Ahdieh takes Shahrzad and her stories and weaves it into a love story against all odds.

That being said, I wish there was more stories. That’s what Shahrzad is most known for and I think Ahdieh didn’t emphasize that enough.

So, although I wish there was more revenge and spite, I did enjoy The Wrath & The Dawn enough to read the sequel and finale to the duology, The Rose & The Dagger

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