Characters I’d Name My Pets After

Today’s post is inspired by the Broke and the Bookish‘ Top Ten Tuesday prompt. For more info, be sure to check out their blog.

I’ve never actually done it, but I’ve always wondered what character names I’d pick to name a pet of mine.

There are a ton of names for pet name inspiration (like Katniss, for a dog…obviously). Below are just a few wonderful characters I would name my pets after.


1. Todd // Todd Hewitt from the Chaos Walking Trilogy 

Pet: a fish

Once upon a time, I had a pet beta fish in high school/college. I really wanted to name it Todd, but my mom and sister gave me weird looks. Why, Todd? What a weird name. So instead, I named my fish, Fish. How original.

2. Daichi // Daichi Sawamura from Haikyu!!

Pet: a dog

When I first started thinking about pet names Daichi was one of the first that popped into my head. It just screams DOG. Daichi Sawamura is one of my favorite characters from the Haikyu!! manga. He’s tenacious and loyal and he’s a great leader. I can just imagine black lab following me around.


3. Iwa-chan // Hajime Iwaizumi from Haikyu!!

Pet: a dog

I also totally want to get another dog and name it Iwa-chan! Oikawa’s familiarity with Iwaizumi makes their relationship so dynamic. It’s also so cute how Oikawa is really the only one who calls Iwaizumi, Iwa-chan. As I think about it, Iwa-chan seems to fit a large dog too, like a shepherd mix. A dog with a lot of energy, which makes me sad because I’m the laziest lazy there is. Oh well.

4. Skybright // Skybright from Serpentine

Pet: a cockatiel

I probably should’ve picked a snake, for obvious reasons, but I’m not about to give myself a heart attack over a non-existent pet. I have a soft spot for cockatiels. They are just so cute and they make the most wonderful sounds. Not screechy and they’ll most likely not talk back to you (like a parrot). Skybright goes through so many changes and experiences in Serpentine, a cockatiel seems the most fitting – colorful and beautiful, but knows how to defend itself.

Have you named one of your pets after a character from a book (or other media)? Or do you have some names in reserve for when you do get a pet? Let me know!


One thought on “Characters I’d Name My Pets After

  1. A cockatiel named Skybright sounds like the cutest thing ever!!

    I’ve never really had a pet of my own D: Though I have been around pets all my life. They just belong to other people lol. If I do get my own pet one day, it’ll be a cute little dog and I’ll be sure to find a bookish name for him or her.


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