Into Aether // Victorian Inspired Steampunk

Title: Into Aether (The Trinity Key Trilogy #1)

Author: L.M. Fry

Pub: March 2016

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Steampunk

A review copy was received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Theo’s mother has yet to return from a business trip and she’s worried. When strange people start appearing, she feels more rushed to find her mother. What she wasn’t expecting was being transported into an entirely different world of Aether, a steampunk version of Victorian England.


Theo is an interesting character who is stubborn and head-strong, but surprisingly acted out of character in various instances throughout the novel. She allows herself to be pushed over. She doesn’t trust the people who have brought her into Aether, but lives in their house anyway.

The romance also felt forced with no real development/growth at all. She despises the guy one day and the next having heart palpitations at the sight of him. Really, Theo?

The one thing I did like was the steampunk aspects and the tech. Unfortunately, the characters have led me to bypass the rest of the series entirely.

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