Sacrifice // Action-Packed Conclusion To A Wonderfully Envisioned Duology

Title: Sacrifice (Serpentine #2)

Author: Cindy Pon // website // twitter // tumblr

Release Date: Sep 27, 2016

Genre: Fantasy

Received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review


Sacrifice picks up right where Serpentine left off. Skybright is adjusting to her life with Stone when they both discover there is a new breach to the underworld and they must do everything in their power to stop it.

Kai Sen continues his training with the monks and is determined to get Skybright back, but he soon discovers the strange reoccurrence of demons. All the while, Zhen Ni knows there’s something off with her new husband who wants nothing to do with her, but leaves her alone in an empty manor.

We return to the fantasy world of Xia and this time we get to see the mortal world, underworld, and the heavens. We get descriptions of otherworldly beings and although beautiful, there’s a constant reminder that there’s something terrifying lurking underneath (even when it comes to the gods).

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Sacrifice continues Serpentine’s theme in relationships and the lengths we go to to keep our friends and loved ones safe, all the while, protecting the world at large. Despite her status as a half demon, Skybright can’t help loving her friends. Kai Sen won’t give up in recovering Skybright. Zhen Ni, although reluctant and frightened, is bound to Skybright as a friend and not just as a hand maiden and mistress.

There’s lots of action and scary figures. I especially loved the development between Skybright and Stone. Stone’s own character development was surprising, but heartwarming (also, can I just throw in an “I KNEW IT!” You’ll know what I mean…).

Sacrifice is stylistically different than Serpentine. As book one was told from a singular point of view (if I remember correctly), book two is told from multiple point of views that alternate based on scene necessity and not necessarily by chapter.

To be honest, I was sad at the end (because of some things… you’ll see!). But I was glad to tag along on this adventure with Skybright. I think I liked this one more than book one, but I definitely enjoyed this duology. 

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