#VASRP Challenge Round-Up

The Virtual Adult Summer Reading Program (VASRP) ends today. It was a lot of fun taking part in a season long reading challenge. I neglected the mini-challenges this past month, so I’ll be linking back to past ones and doing my best to catch up with the latest ones.

#VASRP Mini Challenge Round-Up

Sometimes I forgot I was even doing the challenge, but I enjoyed writing down each additional title I’ve read. This summer I even had a paper where I could color in all the books I’ve read, because I’m obviously a seven year old (but it’s nice to see a visual progress!).

Previous Challenges Posts:

Now onto the mini-challenges:

Challenge #7: Show us your bookish locations

I currently don’t have the luxury to go somewhere else to read. When I wwhere I read.jpgas in high school I loved reading in the Media Center/Library before the hustle and bustle of students arrived on campus. It was like my own little sanctuary and the librarian knew me. When I was in college, the library was my go to location as well for reading, homework, and using the computers for assignments.

Now, I do prefer to stay at home to read. My bedroom is the most comfortable and I either read on my bed or on my big black chair with my reading buddy.


Challenge #8: Social Media

I use Goodreads, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. My Instagram isn’t that bookish.

Challenge #9: Gratitude

Has someone made a difference to you as a reader? Short answer – No. Long answer – I have no idea.

Have a favorite author you can’t get enough of? No. To be honest I don’t think I even have a favorite author. I don’t know what it feels like to get excited for a new book from “so-and-so” author. I feel like my excitement isn’t high enough to categorize it as “can’t get enough of them”…? I’m not to sure. Maybe Cindy Pon, but then I only own one of her books. Wow, I’m a really bad fan.

The Challenge #10: Book vs Movie

Who does it better? Why? The movie (and/or tv series, anime adaptation, etc). Except when…blabla. The visual adaptations for books are exciting and just another form of digesting the written material. I really enjoy it. Although there will be differences in the adaptations I think visual adaptations add a little something extra too the written material.

For instance, I really liked The Hunger Games movie adaptations. The books are good on their own, but the depiction of the Capitol really brought to light the opposing forces of the districts vs. the Capitol.

But you also have the outliers (I’m looking at you The Golden Compass).

If you could go back in time and not experience one (the book or the movie) and only experience the other (book vs movie) what would you pick and why? Probably the City of Bones. Watching that movie made me cringe and wonder why I even liked the book in the first place.


Thanks so much to Valerie at He Said Books Or Me and Octavia at Read.Sleep.Repeat for hosting the #VASRP Challenge


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