To The Sky Kingdom // A Fantasy On Epic Proportions, With Staggering Timelines & Imagery

This review has been edited – March 2017

Title: To The Sky Kingdom

Author: Tang Qi

Genre: Fantasy

I received a copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Striking and memorable, To The Sky Kingdom is a magical journey of love lost, love found, and love reunited.

[Edit: March 2017] However, as much as I loved this English translation, there are discussions and allegations of plagiarism against Tang Qi.

to the sky kingdom edit

Bai Qian is dynamic. For a goddess, life should be easy, however, Qian’s long life has been filled with turmoil and love just the same, and she is once again thrown for a loop when the son of the Sky Kingdom’s heir calls her mother.

It’s part action-adventure, love story, and mystery all wrapped up into one impressive story. To The Sky Kingdom is a fantasy on epic proportions. Tang Qi, used an interesting technique to flesh out Qian and move the story line along, bringing the narrative to the present and to the past almost fluidly. However, this may come across as choppy to some readers.

Qian is admirable, with her faults and strengths. Her voice really comes across through her actions and dialogue.

For a translated work, I think the story did a great job in keeping the original story’s beauty and intentions. It does make me wish I could read it in it’s original language. 

Release Date is August 23, 2016

[Edit: March 2017] Now, onto the plagiarism allegations. In this post, a Chinese literary translator discusses their decision of taking down their translations for T7’s (Tang Qi) novels. There are similarities between Tang Qi’s novel and the source people claim it’s plagiarized from. Of course, this is bound to happen when people write in the same genres and use similar writing styles, techniques, and literary devices.

Some things are bound to be the same. For instance, a coming of age novel is going to have inner turmoil and outward trials. If two books have this, it doesn’t necessarily make one be a plagiarized source.

Plagiarism as defined is taking someone’s ideas/work and passing them off as their own. There’s a difference between being inspired by and paying homage too and taking dialogue, scene situations, etc. word for word.

Please be wary, when reading, recommending, and sharing books. And please give credit to where credit is due.

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