Ten Books I Wish I Read As A Kid

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Do you ever get that sense of nostalgia when you’re reading an old favorite or a book you read and/or adored as a child? You open it up and smell the pages (I know you do), you leaf through from cover to cover, and you stare longingly at the cover.

Well, I wish I could.

You would think that the type of reader I am now, would mean I was quite the reader as a child. Not really. If I was, I literally don’t remember. Not saying I didn’t like to read. I know for certain that I enjoyed reading and my favorite part of the week was going to the school library, but I just can’t remember what I read. There’s only a few books that I distinctly remember, I think one of the covers was green…(this is supposed to be funny. Was that funny?)

Top Ten Tuesday- Books I Wish I Read When I Was A Kid

What has made me place a mental block on the books I read as a child is something we’ll never know. I do know, however, that there are various books I wish I read as a child.

For instance, Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park. As my best friends bonded over the fact that they read and adored this series when they were children, I was left looking in, wondering why they hadn’t read Encyclopedia Brown.

Don’t get me started on the Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine. Even as a child, I knew that was too scary for me, but I wish I took the plunge anyway. What was there too lose? I do remember reading the Bailey School Kids, or at least seeing them in the library.

I never read childhood classics like Dr. Seuss or Where the Wild Things Are. Dr. Seuss didn’t enter my rader until I was older and then I had no interest. I have read the well known, Oh, The Places You’ll Go.. I didn’t know Where the Wild Things Are was even a thing until the movie came out (when I was in high school).

Island of Blue Dolphins and Julie of the Wolves were staple books on my sister’s own bookshelf. She has told me ‘tons’ of times how much she loved Julie of the Wolves when she was a kid. It makes me wish I had picked them up when I was younger as well.

I read a Wrinkle in Time about two years ago and I hated it. I honestly wish I could get the time I spent reading it back. It also makes me wonder whether or not I would have liked it more if I read it when I was younger.

A Little Princess was my favorite movie growing up. I wish, wish, wish, I had the patience to read it when I was younger, but alas, it remains unread. Maybe one of these years.

I was in middle school and entering high school when the Percy Jackson series was getting published and gaining popularity. I never had the chance to read it and I feel like the appeal for it has gone out the window. Maybe I’ll pick it up eventually, especially since that series is complete.

Last, but not least, The Chronicles of Narnia. How in the world did I go about not having read these books as a child? (The same way people haven’t read Harry Potter, sheesh). This is another one of my sister’s favorites and has been on our family shelf for years. I don’t know if the time will ever come that I’ll finally read those books. Who knows!

Looking through this, you’re probably wondering – Well, Samantha, what did you read? I have no idea. What did you read when you were a kid? Are there some books you wished you read as a child?


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