Month In Review // July 2016

Bye, July! Hello, August! We’re entering the last four months of the year. Can you believe it?

August means back to school and back into the usual routine for me. But it also reminds me, have I accomplished or even started the goals I set myself out to do? *coughworking-outcough*

month in review july 2016

Books Read: 6

This was another great reading month! I’m on a roll. I think I’m having such a great ‘reading’ time because I don’t have school anymore. I don’t have to spend my time writing papers and reading textbooks. I can just pick up whatever book I want to read and go from there.

  • How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents by Julia Alvarez
  • Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun vol. 1 by Izumi Tsubaki
  • Haikyu!! vol. 1 by Haruichi Furudate
  • Kimi Ni Todoke vol. 1 by Karuho Shiina
  • Legend by Marie Lu // Review
  • Scarlet by Marissa Meyer


Blog Posts: I hadn’t realized, but it’s been a great posting month for me! Go, me!

About Samantha: 

Emotionally, this month has gone up and down. I don’t think I’ve gone through so many mood changes before. One day I’m feeling vapid, another I’m frustrated beyond belief, and on another all I want to do is sleep. I’ve noticed that my anxiety levels go up when I’m dealing with certain things, so I need to figure out how to get calm myself down and put myself in a healthy mental state.

I took part in Sarah’s (at Trees of Reverie) July read-a-thon. It was a week long event and I got some more reading done. This read-a-thon helped me read all the books on my TBR! Well, at least the books I own in physical form. A few days ago I remembered I have a few unread books on my Nook and Kindle apps. So, yay for new reading goals.

I’m continuing my endeavour to read all summer long thanks to the VASRP Challenge. I also decided to take part in Read.Sleep.Repeat’s ARC August. I’ve never done it before and since I received a few ARCs these last few weeks I’m determined to get them read over the next couple of weeks.

I’m still trying out blog graphics and such. They’re fun to make, but at the same time hard…? It’s still very much a work in progress.

That’s it for now! How did your month of July go?


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