SDCC From The Outside *cries*

San Diego Comic Con was this past weekend. It’s four days of just nerdiness and pop culture and everything that comes along with it. I love when SDCC comes around because not only do we fans get a sneak peak of our favorite franchises, but there is a general sense of excitement and buzz hanging around town (and the internet).

I didn’t have passes to actually attend SDCC, but I got to walk around outside the convention as I helped my sister pass out Avon catalogues and free samples.

powerpuff girls edit

There were so many people dressed up. We saw a really great Princess Peach, a ton of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, and lots of Ash Ketchums. My favorite was a couple who were dressed up like fantasy characters and two people who were dressed up like Xibalba and Joaquin from The Book of Life.

This year’s comic con really made me want to go. I haven’t felt a desire to go for a few years now, but knowing there was authors there having panels and meeting with fans and even book publishers having their own booths – I want to go so bad!

Hopefully next year, if I budget accordingly and I actually get some passes, I’ll get to go!


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