Warrior, King by Ellen Oh // Fantasy Galore, But With Nowhere To Go

warrior & king by ellen oh edit

Title: Warrior (The Dragon King Chronicles #2) //  King (The Dragon King Chronicles #3)

Author: Ellen Oh

Pub: Warrior – Dec 2013 // King – March 2015

Genre: Fantasy

I enjoyed reading  Prophecy, the first book in Ellen Oh’s The Dragon King Chronicles. It follows a brave young woman set out to protect her younger cousin from literally the forces of evil. I loved that. I was excited to pick up Warrior and King, book 2 and 3 of the trilogy.  I didn’t love them.

warrior by ellen oh edit

Perhaps it was the whole prophecy/chosen one plot line that made book 2 and 3 so dull. We as readers pretty much know what’s supposed to happen (and how it ends) during book 1. So it makes me wonder why push on two additional books.

There was little to no new developments, new tension, or discoveries in either Warrior or King. New characters appear, but with little to no significance. Don’t even get me started on the romance aspects. It all seemed so one-sided and Kira’s remarks about how she didn’t have time for that sounded so true. She has no time for that! So, why are they still pushing it onto her. Geez!

Oddly enough, even the characters felt out of character. All of a sudden they felt different or were acting in a different manner without any explanation or prelude.

Again, like I noted when I reviewed Prophecy, it felt like I was being told the story, instead of being immersed into the fantasy world of the Seven Kingdoms.

king by ellen oh edit

Unfortunately, although I enjoyed Prophecy, both Warrior and King fell short of my expectations. I honestly wish I liked them more, but nope.

Links: Warrior – Goodreads // King – Goodreads


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