Get To Know Me – Ten Facts About Myself

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In the 22 years that I have been alive, I’m still not very good at answering questions like this: Tell me about yourself, tell me two truths and one lie, what’s new with you, etc. Sometimes, I think it’s just hard to talk about yourself. Today, I’ll give it a shot.

I’m an Arizona Native – Born and Raised

I’m from the Southwestern portion of the United States. I lived in the northern reaches of the Sonoran Desert, which according to Wikipedia is the hottest desert in the United States. I’m not stranger to monsoon thunderstorms, 120+(F) degree weather, and dust storms.


Haboob, 2011 // Photo by Alan Stark, Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in History

I graduated this spring! Four years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, has allowed me to hold up this diploma and say, “I know more history than you!”

I speak three different languages

Some fluently and some not so fluently. My native language is English, but Spanish was spoken in my home, and I started learning Japanese in high school. This past May, I’ve revamped my Japanese studying.

I love coffee

Coffee is my go to drink, even though it probably shouldn’t be. I drink two cups a day and if I didn’t have any self-restraint, I’d drink more of it. My motto is: It’s never too late for coffee.

I like animated movies

My all-time favorite movies are Mulan and Lilo and Stitch. I just love the animation and the stories. I’m a sucker for Studio Ghibli films as well. I just really like animation, whether it’s anime or a blockbuster film. Although, I do get disappointed when the movie has literally no story *coughMinionscoughFrozencough*.

My favorite animal are cows (and elephant, and owls, and chickens, and sloths)

I don’t know, it’s something about their black and white patterns or their beady eyes that makes me squeal with happiness. Cows are just so cute. I also adore owls and elephants and have multiple stuffed animals and figures of said animals. I don’t know what it is about chickens, but I like them too. And don’t get me started on sloths!


This is my sloth calendar that I have in my room, next to my desk. Right next to my face!

The very first anime I watched was Sailor Moon

I was so excited for the reboot. Sailor Moon Crystal is so pretty and so funny. It’s been great being reacquainted with the characters and stories. Also, it gives me a new chance to actually pay attention to the story.

The end of Harry Potter made me cry

In 2007 and then again in 2011. I bawled my eyes out. I remember live streaming the premiere for Deathly Hallows Part II and just being so distraught and crying non-stop. It was such a sad time for me because I’d been following along with Harry for so long and then just having it end (a second time) was heartbreaking and bittersweet.

I love office/school supplies

Back to school shopping is my favorite time of year. I love looking at all the pens and pencils, the notebooks and post-its. I just love all the things!

I traveled to Japan a few years ago

And I’m clamoring to go back. I would really love to live there for a little bit to really climb out of my shell and actually speak the language.

It did take me awhile to get this all down and I’m not to sure if any of it is very interesting, but I tried.


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