#VASRP Challenge 2 – Loving The Library

Time for VASRP Challenge #2. What is VASRP? This lovely acronym stands for Virtual Adult Summer Reading Program. It’s inspired by the countless reading programs and challenges hosted by public libraries and schools alike to keep their kids reading. For more info pop on over to Read.Sleep.Repeat. or He Said Books Or Me.

This week’s challenge is to talk about our public library. Ah, the library. What would I do without you?

This is my library card. In my opinion, it’s a little boring looking (perhaps because I’ve been spoiled with really cool looking library cards in the past), but it allows me to use the amazing resources at my local library so I gotta deal with it’s boringness.

library card

I don’t go to the library as often as I would like. If I could drive, I’d probably be there every other week or at least every three weeks. Right now, when life isn’t busy, I pop in once a month or maybe once every two months.

The library in the town I live in is actually pretty awesome. Considering it’s such a small town, I’m amazed by all the resources it has and offers. It has a dedicated children’s and teen’s book section. It has a technology center with an assortment of computers and their very own 3-D printer! There are a lot of spaces where you can sit down and read.

There are various study rooms for people to use. There’s a bookstore in the lobby. There are community rooms for an assortment of classes and afterschool activities.

Within the library itself, they offer a variety of classes as well for language learners, and for those who want to learn how to use the computer, and even citizenship classes. And you gotta love the baby, toddler, and children reading time. Every other week, a friendly dog comes in for the kids to read to it!

Our local library is awesome. The librarians and staff are always friendly and it’s always so bright in there. It’s a great place to go and hang out. I honestly feel really lucky to be able to visit and use this library.


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