The History Major // Book Review

Title: The History Major

Author: Michael Phillip Cash

Genre: Fiction, Paranormal

Pub: Dec 2015

Rating: 2 – It’s okay

Received a copy via NetGalley in exchange for a review

Amanda knows something isn’t quite right. Her roommates are different, Patrick, her boyfriend, is nowhere to be found, and she’s suddenly and forcibly expected to attend a class she never signed up for – History.

She soon learns that if she’s expected to understand her present, she needs to understand (and accept) her past.

Michael Phillip Cash’s novella, The History Major offers readers a surreal take on someone’s personal journey to self-discovery, acceptance, and growth.

Amanda is clearly confused by her surroundings and her confusion and subsequent sense of panic and visions make the reader question along with her.

The novella is a quick-read. Although, the historical subject matter felt a little forced, it’s an interesting read with a slightly unreliable protagonist.

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2 thoughts on “The History Major // Book Review

  1. I hadn’t heard of this one before! It probably doesn’t sound like my thing, hehe, especially if you gave it 2-stars. Life is too short for subpar books, right?! 😀 I hope your next read is better!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


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