Month In Review // May 2016

May has come and gone. It always surprises me how quickly time goes by. Some interesting personal developments during this last month and I actually got some substantial reading done. Go me!

month in review

Books Read:

  • Nimona by Noelle Stevenson // First book I read last month. It was okay, but I feel like this graphic novel was too hyped up. I didn’t necessarily love it. The story was kind of boring. What I did like though was the fantasy. It wasn’t entirely medieval. It also included modern day technology.
  • Matter Control by Trevor Parece // book review // I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. It had a pretty slow start in my opinion, but the second half was more fun to read.
  • Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova // I received this eARC via NetGalley. I literally squealed with excitement when I found out my request was accepted. I was so excited and now I’m so excited to talk to you guys about this book. I enjoyed it so much. I’ll talk about it some more when it’s closer to the publication date
  • Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys // I’m not sure if I want to review this book on here. This is my second Sepetys book. I read Out of the Easy and liked the prose. I’ve been to lazy to pick up this one and was sitting on my TBR shelf for ages, but I finally did it and I’m so glad I did. It’s heart-wrenching and important. I don’t know if I’ll say it’s ‘beautiful’ because of the subject matter, but I do believe everyone who has the chance should read this book.

Blog Posts:

  • Spring Cleaning – Reader’s Edition // I recently when through my bookshelf and reorganized and removed the books I didn’t want anymore. While, I was doing that I thought, maybe other people need to do something like this too and are daunted by the task. So here’s my little guide on cleaning up your shelves.
  • Why Do We Rate Books The Way We Do? // I once again had an existential crisis on how I rate books. If you have any thoughts be sure to check this post out
  • Five Books I Feel Different About Now (Top Ten Tuesday Feature) // We all have those books (I know you do too). Mine include the Mortal Instruments series and More Happy Than Not. Be sure to check it out to see which category they fall in and let me know if you’ve changed your opinion on books you’ve previously read.

About Samantha:

So, last month, I updated you all on my dog’s health (she’s all better now) and my teeth. I didn’t need to have a root canal (thank goodness), but I had to go to the dentist to remove my top two wisdom teeth. I was so scared! But the dentist who worked on me was so kind and funny and the dental assistant who was with me humored me and we all chatted about House Hunters, while their hands were in my mouth. It was actually a pretty great experience.

My mom is moving in with us this month. I’m excited and hoping my child-care responsibilities will lighten up a bit.

I finished a short story last month! I’m currently editing it and will be posting a snippet on my other blog and posting it in sections on Wattpad.

That’s my month in review. May went by so quickly (considering it’s 31 days). Here’s to a hopefully great June.

How was your month?


2 thoughts on “Month In Review // May 2016

    • Thanks! I was actually a little conflicted on whether or not I wanted to include personal stuff like that, but then I thought, “why not?”.
      Yes! I’m so excited. Thanks for hosting!


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