Why Do We Rate Books The Way We Do?

I recently came across a reviewing predicament. I should’ve saw it coming since this happens to me maybe three or four times a year (or maybe more).

Over the years, I’ve tried to perfect and distinguish how I rate the books I’ve read. I currently use a star rating system, but sometimes depending on the book I’ve read, star ratings isn’t enough.

blog post- why do we rate books with stars

I used to have this weird adding/math system and then eventually I resorted to using the Goodreads star ratings.

But, I’ve recently felt the star rating system isn’t very beneficial to my reviews (and probably to the writers themselves).

Of course reviews in general are biased because it’s our own personal opinion. For some reviews I write, it feels as if how I felt about the book doesn’t warrant the star rating I end up giving it. For instance, for one book, I can find the romantic conflict lacking, but the prose and flow was good.

Lately, I’ve noticed some bloggers don’t use the star/number rating system in their reviews.

Some just write out their review and share whether or not they liked it. While some use other creative methods like “Top 5 Reasons to Read [book title]”.

These next few reviews I’ll change it up a bit. I’ll remove the star/number ratings and see how my reviews change (hopefully for the better).

If you review books on your own blog, how do you rate them? Do you use stars or numbers? Do you have a different method?


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