Matter Control // Book Review

Title: Matter Control (The Mind Over Matter Series, Book 1)

Author: Trevor Parece

Pub: Feb 2016

Genre: Science Fiction,

Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3/5) 

Reader’s copy received from author in exchange for an honest review

Theo Larson is just a regular kid, but that all changes when he’s struck by lightning at his little brother’s soccer game. He is suddenly gifted with powers and he’s forced to embark on a necessary mission to save the people he loves.

Matter Control is an okay book. The start is really slow, bumpy, and doesn’t make sense. I was close to giving up, but it got more interesting once the conflict became more apparent.

What I liked best was how it was an adventure involving friends and not just the main character.

The agencies are a little far-fetched, but it could be easily overlooked for now. Also, the jump between POV from the teens and the people at STOP was odd and felt out of place. As a reader, we don’t know much about STOP to even care about the people involved.

So, although, starting to read it was difficult at first, I had fun reading about Theo and his friends’ adventures.

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Matter Control by Trevor Parece


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