What Kind of Pokemon Would Your Favorite Character Have?

I am beyond excited for today’s Pokemon announcement from Nintendo. We finally have a release date for Pokemon Sun and Moon and we have a first look at the starter Pokemon (I cannot get enough of Rowlet, oh my gosh!).

But of course, it got me thinking, what kind of Pokemon would some of my favorite characters and characters from the books I’ve enjoyed have?

via Pokemon

via Pokemon

Let’s start off with Viola Eade, from the Chaos Walking trilogy. She’s smart, courageous, and loyal. She is forced to trust this boy she’s never met before and along her journey, faces villains and tackles heartache all the same. Viola’s Pokemon would be one of the original starter, Bulbasaur.

via Pokemon

via Pokemon

Tohru Honda is one of the main protagonists in the manga, Fruits Basket. She’s a simple girl, who is kind-hearted and cares deeply about her friends and the family who has taken her in. Most importantly, she inspires those around her to be their better selves. Tohru’s Pokemon would be the normal-type, Skitty.

Gardevoir #282

via Pokemon

I came across Ralts, a psychic and fairy-type Pokemon, and couldn’t help thinking about Elizabeth Bennet. Elizabeth believes she’s adept at understanding others and their motivations, but she often becomes blinded by her own perceived skills. A psychic type Pokemon would probably suit her best and Ralt’s final evolved stage, Gardevoir looks knowing (and majestic).

Jolteon #135

via Pokemon

I couldn’t decide whether or not to pick a Pokemon for Todd Hewitt, from the Chaos Walking trilogy. Just because I wasn’t sure if I’m okay giving him a hypothetical companion because of Manchee (not over it, and never will be). But I thought, Viola has one so Todd should too. Todd would probably start out with an Eevee and have it evolve into a Jolteon.

Plus, probably the best character and Pokemon matchup, Tsukishima and Hinata from Haikyu. Check out the fanart here.

This was fun (and harder than I thought)! What do you think of my match ups? What kind of Pokemon would your favorite characters have?


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