Spring Cleaning – Reader’s Edition

Spring has arrived. The flowers are blooming. The fluffy bunny rabbits are eating stuff from my yard and tormenting the dogs. And allergies. Oh, spring, how wonderful you are (unless you’re in opposite hemisphere or still feeling winter, then sorry).

My favorite thing about spring, other than my perpetual state of sneezing, is spring cleaning. I don’t necessarily live a cluttered life, but it always feels so good to declutter and tidy up my living space.

One area that I hardly tackle is my bookshelves and where I store my books and other book related areas (like my TBR jar. I’ve never read anything I pulled out of that thing).

This post will help you (and myself) in tackling a portion of your reading life: the shelves.

Now, I currently don’t have the luxury of just buying a new bookcase or sets of shelves when I run out of space on my current one. I have neither the funds or the space, so I have to improvise with my living area and become nit-picky on what to keep on my shelves.

To begin, these are the things you will need:

  • Hydration – have some water (or your beverage of choice) on hand
  • Boxes or storage materials (yes, you will be tossing things!)
  • Prefered cleaning equipment – a dust cloth, a rag + spray, you get the idea
  • Optional: music, snacks

Now, I’m going to begin by saying my own book collection was getting a little out of hand. I like keeping my books in one place, but they were beginning to spread around my room and I was beginning to feel cluttered.

All right, now that we’re ready, let’s set the stage. When I started, I made three separate piles. A reshelve pile, let me think about it pile, and a ‘definitely has to go’ pile.

groups edit

Sections – Reshelve and Donation

Over the last few months I had grown a small pile of books that I no longer wanted anymore. Books I read, books I tried to read, and books I just didn’t want to read anymore, so it was easy to start placing books in the ‘definitely has to go’ aka the donate/sell pile.

For the books I own, I asked myself a few questions to determine whether they should go to the donate/sell pile.

  • Would I reread it in the future?
  • Does the book hold special memories?
  • (For TBR books) Am I still interested in reading it?

The hardest section was my TBR section and I think this section might be difficult for others as well. We keep thinking that we’ll get to those books eventually, but a lot of times we just push them to the side.

This was my current TBR shelf. I decided that I needed to go through the books again and figure out whether I still wanted to read them and if I still wanted to own them.

For a lot of these books (including my TBR and the books I owned), I figured if I really wanted to read them again I could borrow them from the library. For now, they were taking up much needed spaces.

Perhaps that’s all it comes down too.

groups 2 edit

In the end I filled up a box with books I don’t want anymore. I don’t feel bad because I know someone else will find them and enjoy them as much, or even more than I did.

And now with these books gone, I have room for books that need to be re-shelved and room for new books (possibly).

I hope this guide helps! How do you tackle cleaning/organizing your shelves? Is it fun for you or do you dread going through your books? Let me know!


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