Flame (Sky Chasers #3) // Book Review

Title: Flame (Sky Chasers #3)

Author: Amy Kathleen Ryan / / twitter // website

Genre: Science Fiction

Published: Jan 2014

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5) – It’s amazing/awesome/love it

Flame is an amazing (and satisfying) ending to this action-packed trilogy.

Everyone is aboard the New Horizon. Waverly and Kieran are in the clutches of Ann Mather. Waverly also finds herself in a tug of war with another political actor on board.

In the previous two books I felt tugged between who to support among the three protagonists. In Flame, it felt good supporting and rooting for all three of them. They acknowledged that their previous actions messed up their relationship with others and they all worked to improve themselves.

The whole series was descripted, creative, and an action-packed space opera that included philosophical and moral questions.

Flame was a lot slower paced than the other two, but I did feel like I was continuously pulled to keep reading and find out what would happen next.

The ending made my heart ache! But all in all, it made sense, and that’s what made the ending satisfying (and good to live with). It definitely reached a 5 rating because I felt good with the ending, which personally, is something so rare with books these days.

Also, this is a great crossover series. I’m sure it’ll appeal to both young adults and adult readers.

Flame edit

A satisfying ending to this thrilling and action packed trilogy. Flame, the final book in the Sky Chasers series, gives readers a further look into the lengths in which humanity could possibly go to protect themselves and the future.

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