Five Tips To Get You Reading

Reading blog posts and articles on finding time to read may be some of my favorite. So, I’ve come to you today to add onto the pile.

Here are five tips to not only make time to read, but to also to get you reading.

Schedule Reading Time

This is actually one of my favorites. First off, you should determine whether you want to read everyday, every other day, etc. Next, figure out the time of day you can actually get reading done. I can only really settle down to read when I got to bed. Consider the best time for your life, for instance, during your commute, during a lunch break, when the kids are napping, etc.

Read With Others

With a book club, read-a-thon, or taking part in the same reading challenge. Whatever it is, it’s fun when you read with others. It’s okay to need a boost every now and then and enlisting the help or reading with others can potentially help you overcome reading slumps or other obstacles. How can you do this? Ask a friend to join you in reading a book. Use the hashtag #amreading on twitter, Tumblr, and even Instagram. Or you can always reach out to your favorite bloggers and ask what they’re reading.

Always Have Reading Material Handy

It does wonders when you actually carry the things you meant to read with you. I usually take a book with me on car rides, even though reading while moving gives me motion-sickness. It could be physical, electronic, or audio. Having your reading material handy will give you an added opportunity to get some reading done.

Know When To Toss

It’s inevitable. It happens to everyone and with anything. It could be a New York Times Best Seller or the book your grandmother’s best friend recommends, if you’re not liking it, reading it will feel like a chore. So just don’t. Toss it and move on to the next book. There is only so much time in the day (and your life) to be wasting your time on books that you’re not enjoying.

Inspire Yourself! Surround Yourself with Books + Readers

Sometimes, especially after a long break from reading, what we might need is to put ourselves back into the atmosphere. Particularly after long breaks or slumps, allow yourself the freedom to just browse. Head over to the library or bookstore in person. Forget about Goodreads or Amazon. Don’t read ratings and reviews. Explore for yourself and get into the spirit of reading.

Good luck! I hope this offers you some old and new tips on how to get you reading. Let me know, do you have any tips for your fellow readers on how to make time and how to get reading?

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