Top Ten Bookish Sites To Follow

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Check out their blog for more details.

This was last week’s theme, but I had a busy and stressful week last week and was unable to share.

For bookish people to follow, I decided to focus on people who talk and blog about books on Tumblr, mainly because that’s where I started out and because it’s a fun platform to share and talk about books (not to mention the wonderful photography). Many of the people I mention will probably have blogs elsewhere as well and I’ll try to link to those as well.

top ten bookish sites to follow

  1. Abandoned-Marionette-Reads // Badz is a blogger from the Phillipines. They’re currently on hiatus, but I really enjoy reading their reviews and reading about their current reads.
  2. bookphile // Marina, who also has a blog on wordpress. She shares great bookish content on her tumblr and I love reading her reviews.
  3. Magic In Every Book // Dakota’s tumblr is amazing! It has an awesome theme. Her reviews are informational and spoiler-free. Plus, she has great recommendation series.
  4. Books-and-Cookies // Mary is a sweetheart and she probably eats books for breakfast because she reads so much. She also has a youtube/booktube channel you should definitely check out.
  5. Beautiful Bibliophile // Yeldah’s booklr is easy on the eyes and filled with bookish content. If you’re new to tumblr/booklr I think her blog (along with all the other ones listed here) is a good place to start.
  6. Becki’s Bookshelf // I love Becki’s site and her. She’s kind. If I can only use three words to describe her blog it would be: photography all day. This photo is probably my favorite.
  7. Rainy Days Coffee and Books // Liv is a great kid with awesome photography ideas. She also has a booktube channel.
  8. Introverted Bookworm // I love Luana’s book reviews and the content she shares.
  9. The-Amazing-Bookshelf // Mason is super friendly and he shares lots of bookish content and fanwork. He’s also pretty creative.
  10. Bookish Madness // Jojo is an avid reader who shares lots of great bookish content on her site. Also her book pics are awesome.

I’m so glad this was last week’s theme. I’ve been wanting to share some bookish people and sites to follow and I’m glad to finally have a chance to do that.


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