Why I Started Book Blogging

It was purely by accident. When I created a side-blog on Tumblr, dedicated entirely to books and my bookish habits, I didn’t think I was taking the first step into book blogging.

But I did.

A few months after that, I created a new separate account on Tumblr, where I’ve shared by book reviews, thoughts, and reblogged countless works by other readers and fans.

I think, I originally created by blog to document the books I read. I knew about Goodreads, but I didn’t use it as much as I do today. It was still new to me and I was much more familiar with Tumblr.

It was also a place for me to write about what I liked or disliked about books. I liked writing book reviews, and I still do! It began as a way to get better at talking about books, talking about why liked it or didn’t.

All in all, I really just needed a space to talk and share my feelings about the books I’ve read. I had no one to talk to about books. On the internet, I was speaking into a void, but there would be a chance that someone might hear.

This year, I want to dig even deeper into book blogging. I want to continue writing reviews (and get even better and expressing how much I enjoyed (or disliked) a book). I want to get better at recommending books based off those reviews.

Blogging has been so fun and the booklr space on Tumblr is fun and filled with wonderful fanwork and bookish rants/reviews. I think I’ll have fun on this site as well!

Next step – figuring out how to tag and categorize posts like this *sigh*

Why I Started Book Blogging


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