Let The Storm Break // Book Review

Title: Let The Storm Break (Book #2 Sky Fall Series)

Author: Shannon Messenger // website // twitter // tumblr

Pub: March 2014

Genre: Paranormal/Supernatural, Urban Fantasy

Rating: ★★★★☆

Audra has run off and Vane is left at the hands of the Gale Force and his bond with Audra, that keeps tugging and leaving him restless. The enemy and the Gale Force are coming at them both with powerful weapons and clear and somewhat aggressive aspirations, respectively.

Let The Storm Break is packed with action and has left me wanting me. I can’t wait for the release of the final book this April!

Roughly a month has past since the conclusion in Let The Sky Fall and both Audra and Vane are at ends with what is expected of themselves and how they feel about their own commitments.

I found myself once again rooting for Audra and her conflicting emotions and resoluteness. I did find myself looking forward to her parts more than I did Vane’s, though.

There was a lot of stuff happening in this installment and it felt like the ‘action’ was a little uneven. Since the narrative is divided by point of view, Audra’s and Vane’s, we get to see two sides of the action, but personally it felt like Audra’s was just more exciting than Vane’s this time around.

I really enjoyed the new cast of characters and the look into the Gale Force that hopefully will be continued to be expanded upon in the final book. The world of the sylphs is so interesting and I’m eager to learn more.

The second book also didn’t feel as if it snagged or was bogged down. The story continues to build up. And again, this book was so easy and quick to read. It was easy to just immerse myself in the storytelling and dialogue. It was a lot of fun.

And, I continue to be in love with the setting. Shannon Messenger knows how to appeal to my desert-loving heart, the mere mention of wind turbines and haboob’s makes me feel at home.

Let The Storm Break by Shannon Messenger is jam packed with action

Let The Storm Break by Shannon Messenger // Audra and Vane are once again thrust into the violent conflict between Raiden and the Gale Force. With the future on the line, they must consider what/who to rely on, the wind or people they do not trust.

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