Top Historical Settings I Want To Read

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I’m so happy this is this week’s Top Ten Topic. I’ve been thinking about this for the longest time. I constantly find myself wishing I could find books with ‘this’ or with ‘that’. If I can’t find a book, I sometimes settle for trying to find a movie that would do the same thing.

Here are my top picks on historical settings I want to see/want to read:

1. Futuristic/Sci-Fi

But we already have a ton of those! Eh, sure we do, but I want to read futuristic, speculative, science fiction that doesn’t make me think we human beings are so horrible. I want fun sci-fi adventures without the apocalyptic and dystopian environment. Science has brought a lot of good to the world. I want some books that reflect that as well.

2. The Old West

Not necessarily the wild wild west, but narratives ranging from the 1840s to 1890s/1900s taking place in the Southwest and the Pacific coast. Possibly, preferably, not all related to the Gold Rush.

3. Moorish/Andalusian Spain/Islamic Spain

The Islamic expansion into the Iberian peninsula is my favorite period of history that I like to study. I would love to see more stories taken place during this time period or in this setting.

4. Silk Road

There is a period in history where there was an enormous amount of travel and cultural exchanges. I would love to read a story that doesn’t necessarily take place on the silk road, but recognizes the exchanges all the same.

5. World War II – America, Pacific Coast

I’m sure we’re all tired of WWII narratives, but I’m not tired of it because I have yet to read anything about Japanese internment camps in the U.S. or POW camps.

6. 1840s -?

I mentioned this earlier, but to be more specific I want to read some stories of displaced Mexicans and Native Americans in the Southwest. After the Mexican-American War, a huge chunk of the United States was suddenly added to the U.S. map. I want to read about the families who were previously residents of Mexico and now under the jurisdiction of the U.S.

7. World War II – Japan

Do we even have stories about Japanese citizens during World War II?

8. World War II – Asia

Again, I feel like there is little to no stories about people who lived through the Japanese imperialist efforts during WWII.

9. American Revolution Era

It might be because I’ve been watching too much Sleepy Hollow, but I want to read some American Revolution stories (and please, no Johnny Tremain).

10.  Ancient Rome/Pax Romana

For some reason I think I need to read more about Ancient Rome. I feel like I’ve read a lot, but it might be my history reading being mixed up with literary reading.

What would be your top picks?


5 thoughts on “Top Historical Settings I Want To Read

  1. Great list. And good point about the sci-fi. I feel like Star Trek does a pretty good job of it but I can’t think of any books that do. And I know of a few books about Japanese Americans during WWII but not the Japanese perspective itself. I have some friends who live there I’ll have to ask them if there is more that exists over there.


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