Top Ten Resolutions For 2016

This was The Broke and the Bookish’s prompt a few weeks back, but I wasn’t able to think up some resolutions for myself.

I like having goals for myself or at least something to do. I either get bored or restless if there isn’t something for me to at least try to do, but at the turn of the new year, I was lost and unsure on what to try and accomplish this new year.

I have given it my best shot, here are my top ten resolutions for 2016:

1. Write, Share, & Publish A Short Story

A hobby of mine is writing. I’ve written a few unfinished stories and written a few novels (that need a lot of work if I decided to share), but this year I really want to work on crafting a story.

2. Re-read Favorite Books

It was a habit of mine to re-read Howl’s Moving Castle every spring, but these last few years I haven’t really done that (I think because of my goodreads reading challenge, but who knows). So, I want to read Howl’s Moving Castle again, The Chaos Walking trilogy, and maybe even Pride and Prejudice.

3. Create More Original Content

Over on Tumblr, it felt sort of excusable not to make original content. I know many people do, but I often felt that if I shared some of my thoughts on that platform it would enter a void and never see the light of day or someone would be quick to judge and it would spread to quickly. However, over here, comments can filter in at it’s own pace. I also don’t feel as obligated to buffer some text posts with pictures over on Tumblr, not saying I don’t like that. I love the edits and fanwork people have created.

4. Rewrite, Edit, Share Novel

I wrote a novel during NaNoWriMo 2015 and I’m interested in rewriting it. I have pretty much the barebones for a novel. I feel as if it would be hard work, but with college ending soon for me, I’ll most likely be able to pursue this endeavor if I really wanted too.

5. Become Freelance (Something)/Or Get A Part-time Job

Again, with school ending soon with me, I need to find some sort of income for myself as soon as I can. For the last year+, I have been taking care of my niece full-time. Now, that school is winding down, I’ll have more time to venture into the freelance world or at least try to come up with some passive income options. This is important because I’ll need to start paying off my student loans soon.

6. Read More Manga

I used to read manga all the time (okay, probably not as much as I think I did). My favorite manga back in the day was Fruits Basket, Naruto, Ouran High School Host Club, and Cardcaptor Sakura. I would really like to get back into it. With, Haikyuu!! coming to the U.S., I’ll try to start my manga collection back up again. I’m also eyeing Kimi Ni Todoke for my Nook as well.

7. Be A Better Friend

After I moved states to help my sister out, I have been a pretty crappy friend on the communication front. Honestly, I’m pretty surprised the two people I really care about still want to communicate with me anyway. I suck at it, and this year I want to work on my communication with them.

8. Start a Sewing Project

I’ve been itching to hold a needle and learn how to use a sewing machine. I think this year might be the year that I actually make something with my own hands and not just look at some awesome sewing projects on Pinterests. Some projects I want to try and tackle: a cape (for the niece), an apron (for best friend), baby toy (for niece #2).

9. Establish A Healthy/Exercise Routine

Moving out to California, my usual “active” lifestyle, which mainly consisted of walking to and from bus stops and across campus ended. I want to implement some sort of exercise routine and I want to be healthier. I totally want to lose weight, but I also want my body to feel better than it does right now.

10. Restart Studying Japanese

This might surprise a few people, but I took three years of Japanese Language & Culture in high school and another two years in college. I can read, write, and speak in Japanese. However, being away from a classroom (for almost 2 years now) has left my Japanese very rusty. Also, after a few existential crisis regarding it, I’ve decided that I want to give it another go.
I know some of these are not very bookish, but they are a few goals I want to attempt to accomplish this year. Hopefully, I can succeed. What are some of your goals for the coming year? Do you have any advice for me on some of the topics above?


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